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Low carbon vehicle partnership starts on the buses

20 January 2003 #Emissions #SMMT News

The launch of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) on 16 January was widely welcomed by all sections of the motor industry. The first LowCVP working group, which represents buses has already set the ball rolling with their inaugural meeting in December last year. With depot-based fleets and an on-site refuelling infrastructure, buses are seen as a priority area to achieve the shift to low carbon vehicles in the UK.

Headed by John I. Smith, formerly chief executive of Transbus International, the group includes representatives of bus manufacturers, bus operators, the fuel industry, local government and other stakeholders. Its tasks are to identify and recommend ways of removing barriers to the introduction of clean low-carbon buses in the UK.

Commenting on the work of the group Christopher Macgowan said, ‘In 2002, bus registrations were boosted by strong demand in London and by reasonable fleet renewal in a small number of other cities. However, this position is not sustainable; large-scale fleet replacement must occur without relying on London as a source of relatively young vehicles. The LowCVP Bus Group’s work will help ensure that purchasing decisions are influenced by the availability of low carbon technologies.’


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