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03 June 2003 #SMMT News

From 23-25 March 2004, the Automotive Trade Show will take place at the NEC alongside the highly successful Commercial Vehicle Show. itself a combination of the IRTE Show, TipCon and the SMMT’s CV Show.

For the first time, exhibitors can showcase their full ranges of product, from heavy goods vehicles to passenger car, all at one time, under one roof.

This means:

  • Real value for money for exhibitors (58% reduction on 2001 ATS space rates due to economies of scale)
  • A world class and comprehensive range of products and services under one roof
  • Unsurpassed and unrivalled business to business visitor attraction. (The CV Show alone pulled in over 23,000 business visitors this year).
    • The best of both worlds

      This amazing combination of events will occupy no less than eleven halls of the NEC, with dedicated areas for specialist car aftermarket suppliers in halls 11 and 12. For the first time in the UK, exhibitors can choose to concentrate on car or commercial or exploit the opportunities of both. Exhibitors have the best of both worlds for a single investment.

      Giving more to visitors

      • More choice of products, equipment, services and business systems
      • More new profit opportunities, as traditional markets change and competition increases

      Many visitors to the CV Show operate fleets of light commercial vehicles and cars. Until now, their choice has been restricted to their truck and van fleets but, with the addition of the Automotive Trade Show, they can cover everything at once.

      Saving time, saving money and providing more opportunities for exhibitors.

      But the Automotive Trade Show is not just about added value for CV fleet suppliers or their customers. The scope of this unique combined event will bring thousands of car service providers to the NEC. Owners and managers from independent garages, franchised dealers, fast fits and body shops will attend to source the latest in on-board diagnostics, garage and body repair equipment, components and accessories. With more and more repairers servicing both car and commercial vehicles, the combination of the Automotive Trade Show and the Commercial Vehicle Show means their time is even better spent at the NEC.

      In a world where cost control is key to profitable business, what could make more sense than to reach as many potential buyers as possible with one stand, at one event?

      Real value for money

      Many exhibitors at previous Automotive Trade Shows could not understand why space costs varied considerably from those of the CV Show. Now, by bringing the Shows together, exhibitors will pay exactly the same, regardless of which Show they may appear in. In practice, this means a massive 58% reduction in space rates for SMMT members and a 65 per cent reduction for non-members, when compared to the 2001 ATS rates. Shell scheme exhibitors save 30 per cent and 35 per cent respectively.

      A history of success

      Throughout the eighties and nineties, the Automotive Trade Show grew, culminating in a record 20,000+ attendance in 1999, the most successful ever. The CV Show is the second largest in Europe, with over 23,000 business visitors this year.

      The success of any Show relies on bringing manufacturers, importers and distributors together with specifiers and buyers, with the single objective of doing business, creating a good return on investment.

      What better way to bring products to market than at a single meeting place for the suppliers and buyers of everything related to road transport – commercial, passenger or private car?

      The automotive aftermarket will meet at

      Automotive Trade Show 2004.

      With so much to gain, can you afford to ignore it?

      For details please contact our sales team on +44(0)1634 261 262 or e-mail

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