Lead characters revealed for Motroplis Action

29 April 2004 #SMMT News

The Sunday Times Motor Show Live – 27 May – 6 June 2004

The two lead characters to feature in the Motropolis Live Action Arena at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live next month, have been revealed. Named Octane and Guru, the two principal figures will lead the battle in a fight of good versus evil in Motropolis, a city set in the future (see attached image).

Octane is the heroine of the story. She is a smart, sassy and a sexy role model for both men and women. A combination of power and style, she likes to live on the edge, is tough and revels in always being ahead of the game. She is a strong individual who thinks quickly on her feet and has a questioning mind, which guides her actions in her pursuit of discovery.

Guru is a key figure in the story who appears at a turning point in the plot. He’s cool in an effortless way and a visionary in his own right. He has a foot in the past and an eye on the future, allowing him a wealth of worldly wisdom. He uses his judgement of lessons learned from the past as a powerful tool to lead and improve the events of the future.

Sean Canning, creative director of Motropolis says: ‘When casting Octane and Guru we wanted to ensure that their physical appearances and characteristics reflected the distinct personalities of the cars they drive in the show.’

An exciting cast of dancers, skateboarders and BMX riders will join Octane and Guru. Spectators will witness stunts and slick choreography in a 4,000 capacity, purpose-built arena. Motropolis will be staged four times a day throughout the show, which takes place from May 27 to June 6 at the NEC in Birmingham. Advance tickets for Motropolis are £6, and are not available without a general admissions ticket.

For more information or to book tickets please click here.

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