Motor show news update – 28 May, 5pm

28 May 2004 #SMMT News

  • Digby Jones tells cabinet ministers to drive British
  • Robbie Savage seeks new car despite contract negotiations
  • Matrix martial arts bad boys meet fans at Vauxhall stand
  • Eager shows goers hit Motor Show Live

Digby Jones tells cabinet ministers to drive British

Digby Jones, the Director General of the CBI today visited the Motor Show Live. After a tour of the halls he claimed this year’s show was ‘better than ever… absolutely fantastic’.

He praised the date move, from October to May, to coincide with half term, and the introduction of all-action features.

Jones, a local man from Longbridge went on to say, ‘I’m proud that Birmingham can put on the best show in the world…there isn’t a better place to see motor cars than here at the NEC.’

Applauding the number of British made cars on display, many from the West Midlands area, Jones continued, ‘I’m just so proud of a great manufacturing story for Britain and Brum.’

He went on to show his commitment to British made motors by pledging to campaign cabinet ministers to start using the new Rover Limousine as their preferred transport. ‘When I return to London I will be telling them, I want to see you all in Rover 75s built in my home town!’

Robbie Savage seeks new car despite contract negotiations

Birmingham City player, Robbie Savage took some time off today to visit the MG stand as a thank you to the manufacturer for providing him with his official club car, an MG ZT.

The Welsh midfielder, who has recently had neck surgery and is currently in negotiations over his contract with the club, also visited the show to have a look at the range of up and coming cars on display.

He said: ‘My cars are my hobby, I’m fortunate enough to own a Lamborghini and also the MG ZT which I’m very happy with. I’m also going to have a look around to see if there’s anything else that takes my fancy.’

Footballers favourites might include the new Porsche 911 Turbo S that makes its world debut at the NEC, the stunning new Aston Martin DB9 Volante, TVR Tuscan 2 and the Mercedes-Benz SLR Maclaren.

Matrix martial arts bad boys meet fans at Vauxhall stand

Two stars from The Matrix films made an explosive appearance at the Vauxhall stand today at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.

Neil and Adrian Rayment, who played the evil albino twins known for their marital arts skills in the futuristic Matrix Reloaded and soon to be released Matrix Revolutions films, signed autographs for visitors to the stand. Each brother owns a Vauxhall VX220 Turbo; Adrian’s is rouge, Neil’s is black.

The Rayment twins spent last week at the Cannes film festival where they were promoting their new pilot Brit flick, Pirate, a modern day spin on swashbuckling pirate films of old.

Neil said: ‘It’s like a cross between Swordfish and Madmax on water, with lots of expensive yachts. We’re very excited about the prospect of this making it to the cinema’

Visitors seeking their own action adventure headed to Motropolis, a live action show set in a city of the future. Motropolis is just one of many interactive features at this year’s exhibition.

Eager shows goers hit motor show live

Motor show visitors were raring to go this morning with many arriving at the NEC before the exhibition officially opened at 9.30am. Some enthusiasts arrived as early as 8am to be the first through the doors to see a host of new cars and interactive features. Anyone wanting to visit the show has until Sunday 6 June to enjoy the event.

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