Motor show news update 31 May 3pm

31 May 2004 #SMMT News

Star from ITV’s Airline looks after the public at Citroen

Skoda cops for police fleet business

Birmingham’s finest dancing in the street of Motorpolis


Katrina Leeder, the much loved former EasyJet employee from ITV1’s Airline programme, has been looking after the public on the Citroen stand at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.

Katrina, who left EasyJet in 2001, has found that many visitors to the show still recognise her from her time on TV. Recent reruns of the series has lead to increased numbers of people stopping to say hello but according to Katrina some of them must be tuning in for the first time. She told us, `My wedding has just been shown again on repeat, someone asked me the other day what I planned to do for my first anniversary. I had to explain I’ve been married for six years!’

After leaving EasyJet Katrina spent a little time modelling but found the job unrewarding. She said, `I like working with the public and missed people when I was modelling’. Working at exhibitions like The Sunday Times Motor Show Live has given her the contact with people she really enjoys and kept her working life varied.

Katrina bravely battled with cancer while on Airline and was keen to let everyone know that she is now 100 per cent well. She said, `it’s what people tend to ask you first (whether you’re well). I don’t mind at all, it gives me a real boost to know people care’.


Police forces’ enthusiasm for Skodas will be consolidated soon when their 400th police car goes into service on British roads.

And David Ovenden, head of Skoda UK operations, expects the new Octavia, unveiled at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live, to join their ranks.

Ovenden said, `The new Octavia will strengthen our fleet presence and that includes police forces, who also appreciate value for money and durability. I think some officers appreciate the effect they have when they stop people and are seen to be driving Skodas.’

The new Octavia goes on sale in July with a starting price of £10,750 for the 75-horsepower 1.4-litre version, rising to the £17,420 automatic 2-litre TDI diesel.

An estate car is early next year to be followed by a high-performance RS derivative towards the end of the year. Skoda expects to sell 15,000 Octavias a year, one third of which are likely to be fleet sales.


The cast of the Motropolis Live Action Arena are wowing crowds at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live as they deliver their action packed performances several times day.

Lead characters, Octane and Guru, are joined by dancers from the Birmingham Stage School and professional skaters from Team Extreme who have been rehearsing 24/7 at the show since Saturday 22 May. The youngsters take on the freedom fighting role of the Subterains, an underground group of citizens in the futuristic stunt fuelled adventure.

Says, Donna Coughlin, one of the dancers at the Birmingham Stage School, `Even though we finish the day absolutely exhausted we still get a complete buzz every time we perform.’

Fellow dancer Lindy Wood chips in and says, `A good audience motivates us to work hard and so far the audiences have been great and reacted well to the show.’

The Birmingham Stage School dancers won’t have much time to rest when Motropolis Live Action Arena ends. Their next assignment is to lead the parade at Disneyland Paris followed by a one off dance show at the Royal Albert Hall.

The dancers are joined by in-line skaters, BMXers and skateboarders from Team Extreme who perform dangerous stunts adding to the excitement of the high octane action packed show.

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