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Car production is up 10,667 units so far this year

24 August 2004 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

Provisional output data released today by the Office for National Statistics show:

  • UK car output dipped in July but remains 1.1 per cent up over the year-to-date
  • Export markets continue to drive growth. Output rose 8.5 per cent in July

Commenting on the latest production figures, SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘Two milestones have come to symbolise the resurgence of car production in the UK. Last month on Tyne and Wear, the most productive car plant in Europe, made its millionth Nissan for the UK market. Meanwhile at Plant Oxford, demand for the new MINI continues to drive output forward and tomorrow the 500,000th MINI will roll off the production line. This will be a full two years earlier than expected. These landmark achievements for key car plants remind us that ‘Made in Britain’ is a brand for which the industry can rightly be proud.’

CV output rises 11.2 per cent over year-to-date

Provisional data released today by the Office for National Statistics shows:

  • Export markets drive CV output growth, up 23.5 per cent this year
  • Rolling 12-month total at 201,327 units compared to 193,056 in July 2003

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