Further developments in active safety from Bosch

17 March 2005 #SMMT News

Bosch has introduced a new driver assistance system called ‘Predictive Brake Assist’. The new system is based on Adaptive Cruise Control and helps in emergency braking.

It works by placing the brake pads in contact with the discs as a matter of precaution and setting the hydraulic brake assistant into a state of ‘alert’. This means that if the driver has to make an emergency stop, the fastest possible brake response is available. If there is no braking action, the alert system is cancelled.

When the system, based on Adaptive Cruise Control, senses a dangerous situation, it boosts the hydraulic brake assist to prepare for a full emergency braking manoeuvre. When activated, full braking can be reached 30 milliseconds sooner. It is estimated that 2.5 per cent of crashes with oncoming traffic could be avoided with this system, as well as 3.5 per cent of accidents at junctions and 5 per cent of rear-end collisions.

Adaptive Cruise Control works by using sensors to monitor the distance between the car and the vehicle in front. It applies this information to maintain a safe distance by controlling acceleration and braking.

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