BMW introduces new night-safety technology

22 July 2005 #SMMT News

BMW has launched two new innovations in safety technology which will help reduce night-time accidents. Night Vision and High-Beam Assistant will be offered for the first time this autumn on some BMW models.

With 50 per cent of all fatal accidents happening in the dark, both systems will provide an all round better awareness of roads and a safer driving environment.

Night Vision uses a thermal imaging camera so that the driver can see pedestrians, animals and objects up to 300 metres ahead. Using infrared technology, the system detects heat emitted and creates a clear image. It is particularly effective on long stretches of unlit roads.

High-Beam Assistant works by setting the beam lights at the best range and brightness for the surroundings. Using sensors, the system detects oncoming light sources, such as vehicles, cyclists or even streetlamps, for up to 1,000 metres ahead. The car automatically changes to high and low beam for the best level of illumination, without distracting other road users. For example, in well lit areas, the full beam will dip to low beam and return to high beam when no light source is detectable.

Both systems were introduced following research into the dangers of driving in poorly lit roads or busy motorways. The new technology reiterates the commitment made by manufacturers to reduce road accidents and deaths throughout Europe.

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