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Drive to diesel continues in September 2005 new car market

07 October 2005 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

  • Registrations slipped 3.2 per cent in September 2005 to 417,052 units
  • Year-to-September figures down 5.2 per cent at 1,971,880 units
  • September marks 60 months of diesel growth, best-ever total at 153,314 units
  • Estimated £6bn September market for 55-plate change

Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive commented, ‘The new car market is fiercely competitive this year and manufacturers are fighting hard for every sale, particularly to private customers. However, while overall registrations are down, diesel has continued what seems an inexorable rise in popularity. That may well have a lot to do with soaring fuel costs and the economy benefits that diesel brings to drivers.’

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So far this year diesel new car registrations have risen 5.9 per cent to 696,740 units. This is a unit increase of 38,681 cars. At the end of 1999, the diesel market share stood at just 13.8 per cent. Market share in September 2005 was 36.8 per cent and 35.3 per cent over the year to date. The year end forecast is for 881,000 new diesel registrations, 36 per cent of the total market.

September 2005

The attached tables show the registration figures for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in detail. Top performers by range and UK penetration figures are also listed. Providing SMMT is acknowledged as the source of this information, the figures may be quoted. Substantial reproduction needs specific approval by SMMT.


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