Automotive Academy training boost for East of England

19 June 2006 #SMMT News

At least 1,000 automotive management and shop-floor workers in the Eastern region will be receiving Automotive Academy-approved training thanks to funding and support from the Learning and Skills Council Bedfordshire and Luton (LSC). In response to the industry’s request for training initiatives focused directly on business needs and adding value to companies, the Academy’s BIT Level 2 course will be rolled out throughout the region using fully trained and validated assessors.


The LSC’s Head of Workforce Development, John Thomas, says training in automotive manufacturing and component industries is a major priority in the region adding; ‘We are currently funding the training of 20 assessors by the Automotive Academy to go out to companies and ensure and support the right training and skills can be offered to our workforce and companies. This will give us the capacity to qualify 1000 people across our region within the next 18 months.’


All Academy trainers and assessors complete a thorough process of knowledge and expertise validated by industry professionals. The Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) qualification gives workers recognition for quality, cost and delivery improvements in their own workplace. The main goal of the programme is to improve business performance – each is project-based and focused on producing demonstrable improvements within the company, for example, by reducing costs or improving efficiency.


Access to BIT courses will open over the next twelve months and will be available to companies in a range of convenient ways – from in-house training and support, through to private sector or public training providers like colleges and local companies. The LSC’s John Thomas says ‘The focus is always on the business needs – giving the business added value with the expertise and knowledge of the Automotive Academy validation.’


John Bradley, Automotive Academy spoke manager for London and the East of England said, ‘It’s by no means doom and gloom for the automotive manufacturing in the UK. Our region has 1,088 automotive companies and the Automotive Academy spoke in the region will allow people to develop world class skills across the whole spectrum of automotive employment, from research and development right the way through to what happens after sales.

‘One of our specific aims for the region is to help sustain and grow the whole supply chain. We also aim to support the small and medium sized businesses in London and the East of England to ensure that these companies continue to flourish.’

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