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CV registrations strong despite recent distortions

06 July 2006 #HGVs #Registrations #SMMT News

  • CV registrations stabilise as distortion over previous quarter fades
  • Year-to-date registrations up 0.6 per cent
  • June registrations down 8.6 per cent to 32,920, year-to-date up 0.6 per cent
  • Rolling year total down 2.2 per cent to 387,094 units

‘CV registrations are stabilising,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘This is despite the distortion caused by digitachs as operators scrambled to beat the 1 May deadline. Truck, bus and coach registrations have now returned to the stable volumes and modest growth we saw up until a few months ago. But Euro 4 in October will upset the apple cart again for a period, making registration volumes in 2006 difficult to call.’


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