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31 October 2007 #SMMT News

SMMT has provided services and support for the automotive industry since 1902 and through continuous improvement it is able to reflect the ever changing needs and interests of the industry. Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF) is a new SMMT service designed to match buyers to the right suppliers.

ASF is the largest automotive industry specific supplier finder tool, designed and developed around SMMT’s extensive database, containing details of over 9,000 companies and 3,000 product classifications. It is a single source matching service which is unrivalled in both its depth and scope – resulting in targeted leads.

‘It can be a time-consuming and expensive challenge to find the right supplier who can deliver on quality, reliability and price,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘Using our powerful industry knowledge, SMMT Automotive Supplier Finder is the one-stop-shop solution to enable buyers to get quotation requests to the right people in the right companies.’

The ASF service will speed up the process for buyers by relieving them of the administrative burden associated with traditional purchasing procedures and at the same time locating the most suitable product available. Phase one of the service has just been launched to the UK market and will be completely free of charge for buyers to issue and manage their requests for quotations.

Suppliers will also benefit as SMMT e-business manager, Yung Tran explained. ‘We have developed ASF to assist both parties involved. By being introduced to the right buyers, suppliers can benefit through our selection process, based on what they offer and their business capabilities. It is not the size of your marketing budget that is important, it is about what you as a business can offer.’

Hundreds of UK buyers and suppliers are already actively involved, including those from volume vehicle makers and tier one component manufacturers. Currently, all users are being offered a free trial until 23 November 2007. Visit to register.

Tran continues, ‘As the service develops, central and eastern European markets will be added to ASF, taking in approximately 1,500 further companies. Do you know everyone in the automotive market place? Well, SMMT does and it aims to offer innovative and practical services to support and strengthen our industry. Automotive Supplier Finder will help you make the right connections.’

For more information on how this service can benefit business, e-mail Nikki Huggett at , telephone 020 7344 1611 or visit

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