LDV Group announces two new low carbon initiatives

16 April 2008 #SMMT News

Two new initiatives announced by LDV Group at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show are set to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the company’s MAXUS range of light commercial vehicles.

The company’s chief executive, Evgeniy Vereshchagin, announced the exciting initiatives to the press on the first day of the show.  He said: “Our responsibility as a manufacturer is to look to the future and in particular the effects carbon emissions and vehicle pollutants are having on the environment as a result of the whole life of our range of light commercial vehicles.

“I am delighted to announced that LDV Group is one of a consortium of British companies led by motorsport specialist, Prodrive, which have joined forces to develop a DC-DC converter for use in automotive hybrid and electric vehicles.  The converter will be more efficient, smaller and lower in cost than those currently available.  The vehicles will recycle energy lost during the braking process through an electronic motor, which can then be used later.

“The second initiative will see LDV Group work with RVL in the development of an electric powered version of MAXUS, which will be available as early as June of this year.”

The two initiatives are part of the company’s wider product plan that includes investing in the range to deliver even better quality and reliability results.

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