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Right Van Man – SMMT guide fuels van buyers’ desires

26 February 2009 #Emissions #SMMT News

Today, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) launched the first stage in increasing public awareness on the issues that affect van CO2 emissions. Produced jointly with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and the Department for Transport, the new guide – Right Van Man – aims to give individual van buyers and drivers top tips on van choice and use to help cut running costs and CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles.


The double-sided colour leaflet, available to download from www.smmt.co.uk, aims to:

  • Encourage van buyers to choose the right vehicle for their usage
  • Inform van buyers of the link between CO2 emissions and running costs
  • Help van buyers reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle choice


Advice given includes:

  • Choose the van size that best suits the job
  • Consider what engine you need for the motoring you will be doing
  • Check tyre pressures regularly
  • Change your vehicle’s oils according to servicing schedules
  • Replace blocked air filters
  • Keep your speed to a minimum to save fuel
  • Improve your driving technique
  • Use technology such as Satnav to minimise travel


The van buying guide has been developed as part of a wider DfT project looking at van fuel use and CO2 emissions. It is designed to inform individual and small fleet buyers on issues that affect their van’s environmental impact. The main objective is to ensure that buyers consider their usage requirements and choose the lowest CO2 emitting van that meets their needs. It is also keen to emphasise the clear link between CO2 emissions and fuel consumption – a large part of a vehicle’s running costs.


“Vehicle manufacturers are committed to cutting CO2 emissions and vans are a growing part of modern road transport. SMMT is pleased to have developed a practical way of presenting the key information to help buyers and drivers to make better informed decisions about the vans they run,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. “It is widely recognised that the environmental impact of a vehicle is affected by its use and the way it is driven, so the advice in the guide helps to make van buyers aware of what to consider when choosing a particular model.”


Speaking ahead of the launch, transport minister Andrew Adonis said, “Vans already make up around 15% of road transport CO2 emissions in the UK and emissions from vans are rising faster than from any other mode of road transport, as more and more use is made of them. Encouraging greater use of green vans on our roads through initiatives like this will go a great way to help reduce emissions. We are also pushing ahead with our £20m programme to use public sector spending power to lead the way in developing lower carbon vans that will appeal across the board and so help kick start the market.”


In its presentation, VCA explained more about the forthcoming online database1 for light commercial vehicles. “The database will provide comparative information for vans of similar utility, allowing consumers to make more informed buying decisions,” said Paul Cooke.


On display were some of the most modern vans on the market, including:


·         Citroën Nemo SensoDrive

·         Iveco Daily Agile

·         Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Eco-Start

·         Modec Zero Emission van

·         Vauxhall Combo Easytronic

·         Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel


Representatives from each of the manufacturers were on hand to explain the environmental credentials of their vehicles.


Concluding, Paul Everitt said “SMMT is committed to helping policy makers, vehicle manufacturers and van buyers by offering appropriate information and practical advice that can be used on a daily basis. We believe that our efforts in assisting government departments put together the van buying guide and searchable database will not only impact positively on tailpipe CO2 emissions, it should also help buyers select the most economical vehicles they need for their business.”



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