Right Van Man

20 February 2009 #Environment

Produced jointly with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and the Department for Transport, the guide – Right Van Man – gives individual van buyers and drivers top tips on van choice and use to help cut running costs and CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles.

The double-sided colour leaflet aims to

  • Encourage van buyers to choose the right vehicle for their usage
  • Inform van buyers of the link between CO2 emissions and running costs
  • Help van buyers reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle choice
  • Advice given includes:

  • Choose the van size that best suits the job
  • Consider what engine you need for the motoring you will be doing
  • Check tyre pressures regularly
  • Change your vehicle’s oils according to servicing schedules
  • Replace blocked air filters
  • Keep your speed to a minimum to save fuel
  • Improve your driving technique
  • Use technology such as Satnav to minimise travel

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