Low-carbon vehicle competition application deadlines approaching

01 August 2009 #SMMT News

Applications must be submitted by 6 August for the Technology Strategy Board’s low-carbon vehicle technology competition. 


With initial funding from the Technology Strategy Board, the Department for Transport and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Integrated Delivery Programme Competition is for projects that accelerate research and development, leading to the reduction of carbon emissions from mass market road vehicles. The ultimate goal is to develop an industry-led consortia on low-carbon vehicle technology.


The competition has been divided into two separate projects, each with distinct timescales and agenda purposes:


Area 1 provides up to £5 million in funding and its application deadline is 6 August.

The criteria are:  

·  Support collaborative proof-of-concept studies that will help accelerate short-term research priorities

·  Projects should be a maximum of one year in duration and must be completed by the end of March 2011

·  Project will need physically to demonstrate proof-of-concept


Area 2 provides up to £10 million in funding and its expression of interest deadline is 6 August.

The criteria are:

·  Support collaborative research and development projects that will help accelerate medium-term research priorities

·  Projects are likely to last one to three years

·  Project will need to demonstrate that it helps to advance medium-term research priorities with a view to supporting mass market readiness by or before 2016


SMMT Foresight Vehicle is available to assist companies that wish to submit an application for this competition. Foresight Vehicle is the UK‘s prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry, involving collaboration between industry, academia and government. SMMT Foresight Vehicle is in the process of building consortia and preparing for potential funding from government and European sources with the emphasis on reducing carbon emissions from road vehicles. Click here for more information.


For more information on the Integrated Delivery Programme Competition, download the report.


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