SMMT Foresight Vehicle to present at sustainability conference

09 September 2009 #SMMT News

SMMT Foresight Vehicle will present at the DRIVENet Whole Life Vehicle Conference in November, giving attendees more information on the Pegasus consortium.  

The consortium’s main objective is to increase the size of the market open to SMEs, maximising benefits for the European supply chain. To advance the project, the consortium set goals to:  

·         Develop a new concept environment for SMEs supplying the automotive sector that will facilitate the integration of functions, processes and materials in a single industrial process.


·         Integrate knowledge from within the new supply chain concept allowing SMEs to co-operate and provide a quick, high-tech and customisable service directly to OEMs at a lower cost.


·         Make use of nano-particles in colouring technology, disassembly on command components and local reinforcements to improve the components performance.


Results from the Pegasus consortium’s work will be communicated through SMMT Foresight Vehicle and the European Plastic Converters Association in Belgium.


Since 2006, Foresight Vehicle has been working as a partner alongside 21 European companies in the Pegasus consortium. SMMT Foresight Vehicle is the UK’s prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry involving collaboration between industry, academia and government. Focused on research and development, the programme aims to promote technology and stimulate suppliers to develop market-driven technologies for motor vehicles.


Click here to become a registered member of Pegasus. This will allow you access to downloadable material regarding this project.

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