SMMT technology roadmap webinar

23 October 2009 #SMMT News

SMMT held a successful webinar on 22 October, focused on the SMMT Foresight Vehicle Technology Roadmap, now live and available through the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Over 60 people accessed the webinar online. SMMT chief executive, Paul Everitt, discussed the significance of the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team’s recommendations on low-carbon technology.  Brian Lawrence, SMMT Foresight Vehicle programme manager, outlined the work of SMMT Foresight Vehicle in supporting the industry and provided a comprehensive synopsis of the new technology roadmap.
Taking into account the views and expertise of supply chain representatives, academia and other specialists, the technology roadmap delivers information on evolving markets, products, systems and technologies. The broad scope of the roadmap reflects the complex nature of the road transport system and the changing environment in which it operates. The data was obtained from workshops carried out in 2008 and re-emphasises the importance that should be placed on technologies to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.
The roadmap also focuses on industry trends and drivers, paying special attention to the technology developments needed to encourage a sustainable future for the automotive industry. Framework provided in the project includes: 
·         Encouraging technological innovation in road vehicle systems in the short, medium and long-term.
·         Enabling communication, discussion and action within industry collaborations, academia and networks.
·         Mapping future innovation paths for key technology areas.
To view the technology roadmap, login to the Low Carbon KTN at and select roadmap from the navigation.

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