European Commission announces low-carbon vehicle strategy

28 April 2010 #SMMT News

The European Commission today published a communication outlining a European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles. The strategy aims to further encourage the research and development of low-carbon technology in the EU’s automotive sector, stimulate consumer demand for clean and energy efficient vehicles, and strengthen EU competitiveness with a series of medium-term measures to be implemented by the Commission.

 The strategy has adopted a twin-track approach in targeting improvements in conventional internal combustion engines whilst facilitating the deployment of alternative technologies in ultra-low-carbon vehicles. The strategy is based on a technology neutral approach, looking to promote a wide variety of low carbon solutions, while also outlining a number of specific actions to promote the development of electric vehicles.
These actions include:
·         Ensuring safety standards are in place for all new low carbon vehicles.
·         Promoting common standards that will allow all electric vehicles to be charged anywhere in the EU.
·         Encouraging the installation of publicly accessible charging points.
·         Promoting the development of smart electricity grids.
·         Updating the rules and promote research on recycling of batteries.
Despite the economic downturn, the UK automotive industry has continued to reduce CO2 emissions in production processes and at the tailpipe. UK businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the funding and support measures aimed at research and development into electric vehicles, hybrid technology and more fuel efficient next generation petrol and diesel engines.
For more information on funding and support, click here.

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