SMMT booklet highlights scale of UK motor industry

20 April 2010 #SMMT News

The full scope and scale of the UK motor industry has been highlighted today with the publication of Motor Industry Facts 2010, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) annual pocket guide to the motor industry.

Illustrating the role of the UK motor industry throughout the full lifecycle of a vehicle, the 2010 booklet includes facts and figures on R&D, production, registrations, vehicles in use and their safety and environmental performances. Spanning the sector, statistics on cars, commercial vehicles, buses and coaches demonstrate the major contribution the automotive sector makes to the UK economy.
“As global and domestic demand continues to recover there are exciting opportunities for the industry,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt. “Renewed political commitment to technology, innovation and high value manufacturing, alongside a competitive exchange rate and labour market flexibility make the UK an attractive location for global investors. The UK is home to world renowned brands with a hard won reputation for quality, design and productivity.”
Based on 2009 market data, some key statistics from Motor Industry Facts 2010 show:
Manufacturing facts:
·         In 2009, 76.3% of all cars and 77.5% of commercial vehicles produced in the UK were exported, generating significant revenue for UK plc.
·         More than two million engines and one million cars were manufactured in the UK in 2009.
·         There are 31 key manufacturing sites in the UK producing buses, coaches, cars, commercial vehicles and engines.
·         UK automotive supplies over 100 markets worldwide and supports over 180,000 jobs in manufacturing and 640,000 UK jobs in automotive supply, retail and servicing.
Registrations and sales:
·         The supermini segment took the largest share of the UK new car market with 37.2%.
·         The diesel share rose in seven of the nine vehicle segments in 2009 compared with 2008.
·         By volume, the UK new car market is the fourth largest in Europe.
·         Total car registrations in 2009 stood at 1,994,999 and commercial vehicles 225,455.
·         Full year 2009 used car sales volumes were down only marginally on 2008 to 6,798,864 or 5.4%.
Environmental facts
·         Average new car CO2 emissions fell at their fastest ever rate in 2009 and are now just 149.5g/km.
·         Less than 6% of all new cars registered in the UK last year emitted more than 200g/km compared to nearly 30% when data was first captured in 1997.
Download Motor Industry Facts 2010 here.

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