Industry welcomes government action on digital radio

16 June 2010 #SMMT News

SMMT welcomes government’s response to a recent report into the digital upgrade of radio in the UK.

The report by the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications is based on a report published in 2009 that set out plans to migrate nationally broadcast radio services from FM to digital by 2015. In response to the report, SMMT called for clarity on the digital transition. While industry welcomed the passing of the Digital Economy Bill, which confirmed government’s commitment to implementing the report, it urged broadcasters and government to work with the automotive sector to raise consumer awareness on the digital upgrade and to help build demand.

Key elements of government’s response include:

  • Supporting a full impact assessment, including a cost-benefit analysis of digital radio. Government has already begun collecting evidence needed to support an impact assessment and analysis should begin shortly.
  • Commitment to work with manufacturers to ensure that digital car radios are fitted with multi-standard chips as soon as possible and encouraging the implementation of digital radio as standard in all new vehicles.
  • Recognising the importance of clear and consistent guidance for consumers, with a commitment to working with manufacturers and broadcasters to facilitate a comprehensive information campaign.
  • Acknowledging the importance of traffic information services to motorists and a commitment to continue working closely with manufacturers to ensure the continuation of traffic information on both digital and analogue platforms.

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