UK chosen as base for Chinese R&D

29 June 2010 #SMMT News
Changan Automobile Co, one of China’s leading car manufacturers, has announced the opening of a new UK Research and Development Centre in Nottingham, where it will help to develop the low carbon vehicles of the future.

The establishment of the facility will enable Changan to collaborate with UK automotive research and development specialists and also help UK companies win business with Changan. The company will invest £20m to open and run the Nottingham operation over the next five years.

Changan’s focus will be on engine and power-train development, and will also involve the development of low carbon vehicles, such as electric cars and hybrids. The company will build collaborations with British companies, universities and research institutions, benefitting from UK expertise in power-train, transmissions, chassis and new energy technologies.
Beginning with the recruit of 40 power-train and transmission engineers by the end of this year, the company’s recruitment programme will then be accelerated to grow to a staff of around 200 people in three years.
Industry is working collaboratively with government through the Automotive Council to make the UK an attractive option for global investment, a base for low carbon development and to enhance the UK supply chain. This latest development meets each of these criteria and strengthens the UK’s proposition to other automotive manufacturers.

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