SMMT publishes response to TfL congestion charge consultation

02 August 2010 #SMMT News

SMMT has today published its response to TfL’s ‘Public congestion charge consultation’, which proposes, as part of government’s commitment to delivering a low-carbon fiscal policy to the UK’s transport industry, to remove the existing ‘western extension’ of the congestion charge zone, which currently includes the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and extends to the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  

The consultation also outlines a number of other key proposals, aimed to incentivise UK businesses to adopt the use of low-carbon or alternatively fuelled vehicles, including proposals for a new greener vehicle discount as well as incentives for low-emission and zero-emission electric vehicles.  
SMMT welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation focussing on two key parts; the removal of the western extension and changes to discounts. SMMT and TfL will work closely on proposals to re-examine the Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) as part of the impetus to mitigate any financial losses that will result following the removal of the western extension.
SMMT is in favour of government’s plans to support technological innovation to develop carbon neutral technology, as well as the proposed financial incentives to support a transition to low-carbon and alternatively fuelled vehicles. However, SMMT members believe that central to proposed policy on a new ‘green vehicle discount’ is the fact that some vehicles already qualify as low-emission vehicles, such as some diesel LGVs, despite not having low-carbon technology.  
Administrative burden was also highlighted as a key challenge by SMMT members, who suggested that a move towards paper-less administering of discounts would serve to benefit TfL’s sustainability agenda.

To read SMMT’s response to TfL’s ‘Public congestion charge consultation’ click here’

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