SMMT presents UK technology roadmap to European industry executives

20 May 2011 #SMMT News

This week, Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive, presented the UK roadmap to ultra-low carbon vehicles to an audience of senior industry executives, at the ‘Michelin Challenge Bibendum’ event in Berlin.

A panel of industry experts discussed the economic and technical issues affecting the target of 100g/km CO2 well-to-wheel emissions for passenger cars. The speakers presented on a range of issues, including progress made against emissions goals for 2012 and 2020, an overview of key global markets, fuel strategy for the future, and the role of regulation in achieving environmental targets.

Paul Everitt presented the UK technology roadmap during the event, incorporating the unique collaboration between the UK government and automotive industry that is creating an early market for a range of ultra-low carbon vehicles, securing sustained investment in priority technologies and helping to embed industrial capabilities in the UK supply base.

Click through to download the ‘UK roadmap to ultra-low carbon‘ presentation from the event.

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