Cutting carbon can be a business benefit

28 June 2011 #SMMT News

Lowering carbon emissions from commercial vehicle fleets was a key focus at the SMMT International Automotive Summit. A combination of emission-lowering approaches were put forward by Andrea Thompson, Managing Director of Leyland Trucks. These ranged from enhanced aerodynamics and highly efficient engines to alternative fuels and logistics planning.

Thompson raised the requirement for targeted industry and consumer incentives to stimulate demand for low carbon vehicles. These incentives, coupled with technology breakthroughs and enhancements were cited as the recipe for a sustainable future.

Peter Harris, Director of Sustainability for UPS, made the business case for cutting carbon drawing attention to the need to measure emissions in order to facilitate the sustainable management of commercial vehicle fleets. According to UPS research, driver training and telematic reporting has the potential to enhance dramatically the efficiency of fleets, driving down costs and emissions.

Government’s perspective was offered by Vicky Edmonds from the Department for Transport, with deregulatory measures and incentives put forward as options for consideration by ministers. Discussion concentrated on how the various options could come to market in a way that makes commercial and environmental sense.

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