Ministerial visit helps Toyota launch its support for national ‘See Inside Manufacturing’ programme

29 June 2011 #SMMT News

Manufacturing  Minister Mark Prisk joined teachers and careers officers as Toyota opened the doors of its UK factories to  launch its support for See Inside Manufacturing, a national initiative  to inspire young people to take up careers in manufacturing and engineering.

The Minister  took part in a tour of Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Deeside engine plant in North  Wales, organised to provide an insight into the jobs and skills opportunities  available to school and college leavers and graduates. A similar event was  organised at TMUK’s car plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire.

Commenting on  his visit Minister  Mark Prisk said:

“Today teachers and careers advisers across North   Wales will get a unique opportunity to see for themselves that the  automotive industry has highly skilled jobs that can be well-paid and highly  successful.

“We want to make the UK a leader in  the research, development, demonstration, manufacture and use of low and  ultra-low carbon vehicles.  With Toyota’s plant in Deeside  manufacturing the first full hybrid engine to be made outside Japan, it is  helping the UK  lead the way.

“We have 11 global vehicle makers with a significant UK presence,  supported by 19 of the world’s top 20 suppliers as well as innovative  technology makers and designers. The UK has one of the most diverse  automotive sectors in the world.”

These visits  pave the way for TMUK to welcome students to its production centres in October  to see for themselves the work it does and to find out more about the talents  required to launch a career in the auto industry.

As one of the  country’s leading automotive manufacturing businesses, Toyota is an active supporter of See  Inside Manufacturing, which is encouraging young people to take up science,  technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. The aims of the  programme also align with Toyota’s  corporate approach to personal development for its members.

Tony Walker,  TMUK Deputy Managing Director, said:

“Toyota welcomes  initiatives designed to promote a greater recognition of the contribution and  importance of manufacturing to the UK economy.

“The See Inside Manufacturing initiative will complement our existing activities  aimed at engaging with young people and encouraging and inspiring them to be  the next generation of engineers.”

The automotive  sector is the first industry group in the UK to launch activities, co-ordinated  by the joint industry/government Automotive Council. Commenting on behalf of  the industry, Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, SMMT said:

“The UK automotive has a  strong future built on the foundations of innovative engineering and design.

“See Inside manufacturing demonstrates the extensive range of exciting  careers and apprenticeship opportunities within the sector, enabling young  people to see what UK automotive has to offer as one of the most exciting and  dynamic industries in the world.”

To find out how industry is suppporting skills growth within UK automotive, click here.


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