European low emissions project aiming to expand network of experts

04 July 2011 #SMMT News

Clean Drive, a three-year European initiative designed to increase the sale of more energy-efficient cars with lower CO2 emissions, is looking for companies interested in joining its network of experts to help inform how the programme of work will proceed.

Clean Drive has two main goals, the first of which is to sign up vehicle providers (across sales, lease and fleet) to share their experience with these types of cars and vans, and to identify approaches that will increase the number of low-emission vehicles on the road.

The second aim involves leveraging the expertise that already exists in the sector to provide appropriate training, advice and legislative information to those companies that sign up to the project.

The Severn Wye Energy Agency (SWEA), the lead partner for Clean Drive within the UK, has produced three surveys seeking views that will help shape the next phase of the initiative. Available at the following links, the surveys are aimed at industry experts as well as Dealer Principals and Dealer Sales Executives.

Click through to find out more about the partnership between Clean Drive and SWEA.

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