Gordon Murray Design announces partnership to design low cost fuel cell vehicle

07 July 2011 #SMMT News

Gordon Murray Design has today announced that it is partnering with ACAL Energy, based in the North West of England, to take the first steps towards designing an affordable fuel cell vehicle. The project is part of a 12-month feasibility study supported by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

Gordon Murray Design were one of fourteen innovative British companies to receive government support to carry out studies into the development of disruptive low carbon vehicle technology that will challenge current thinking.

“As a part of the low carbon vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme, we are exploring new technologies and testing innovative thinking,” said Andrew Everett, Head of Transport at the TSB. “Through these studies, we aim to draw out innovative technologies being developed within the UK that have the potential to redefine the current automotive industry view.”

As lead partner, Gordon Murray Design will use its revolutionary iStream chassis concept – winner of the 2010 Award for Automotive Innovation – which reduces the amount of energy and financial investment required to manufacture a vehicle, in combination with the ACAL Energy ‘fuel cell engine’, which uses their Flowcath technology to eliminate expensive platinum from the cell. Together these innovations will significantly reduce the cost and deployment timeframe for an affordable fuel cell vehicle.

Professor Gordon Murray added, “The team at Gordon Murray Design are very excited to be working with ACAL Energy in another new area where we can continue to push the boundaries of innovation.”

All of the feasibility studies, supported by a £1.6m programme, will be completed within twelve months. The TSB intends to run a further competition in 2012, creating an opportunity for follow-on funding.

Click on the play button below to watch Gordon Murray, CEO and Technical Director, talk about the iStream concept, which won the 2010 SMMT Award for Automotive Innovation.

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