Automotive manufacturing set to return to famous Midlands site

02 September 2011 #SMMT News

Specialist automotive group, CPP Global Holdings Ltd, has signed an exclusive purchase agreement with Advantage West Midlands, the current owner of the historical site on Browns Lane, Coventry. The agreement is the first step of plans that will see the famous facility regain its status as an automotive manufacturing hub.

CPP’s group of businesses has coachbuilding at its heart, with over 250 highly skilled automotive technicians and craftsmen working at its five plants in Coventry. The company’s services include vehicle component manufacturing, body-in-white engineering and prototype vehicle production. CPP works with global luxury car brands to adapt existing vehicles, and also undertakes full production of low volume standalone models.

CPP intends to bring together its existing Coventry facilities into the 23-acre site – now called Lyons Park – within five years. Planning applications will be submitted before the end of 2011, with the multi-million pound redevelopment project anticipated to start in the second quarter of 2012.

“This is a decisive moment in CPP’s strategy to cement Coventry’s reputation as a world-class centre of automotive excellence,” said Brendan O’Toole, Founder and Co-owner of CPP. “In conjunction with my business partner, Vladimir Antonov, we’ve successfully and significantly grown CPP over the last few years, with further expansion planned.

“And as our success and growth continues – facilitated by our move to Browns Lane – this will also benefit our wide supply base, the majority of which is in and around Coventry.”

John Mutton, Leader of Coventry City Council, added, “This is a massive boost for the city and the local economy – creating new jobs for Coventry people is a key priority for the Council and I’m delighted we’ve been able to play a part in bringing car production back to Browns Lane”.

In January 2011, CPP acquired Bowler, the manufacturer of all-terrain supercars and a month later signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire Spyker Cars from its holding company. That memorandum of understanding has now lapsed but CPP remains confident of concluding a deal to acquire Spyker Cars.

In July 2011, CPP confirmed that it was operating a joint venture with the Italian design studio that operates the Zagato brand under licence from the Zagato family.

You can find out more about UK automotive manufacturing by downloading SMMT Motor Industry Facts 2011.


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