Energy Saving Trust reveals the realities of going electric

22 September 2011 #SMMT News

The Energy Saving Trust has launched a new video guide that aims to take a no-holds-barred look at the realities of electric vehicles (EVs). The Trust is also piloting a ‘Smarter Driving’ programme to help EV drivers maximise the range of their cars.

The Living with an Electric Car series is presented by EV enthusiast, Robert Llewellyn, and highlights the benefits and opportunities of investing in electric vehicles. The Trust aims to show that EVs can not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but they can offer a cost effective solution as well. Llewellyn covers everything from how to charge your car, and the financial realities of owning one, to the electric driving experience itself.

The videos provide information for both individuals and business users, which can help to educate them about the practicalities of living with an EV.

Living with an Electric Car has been an amazing project to work on with the Energy Saving Trust,” said Robert Llewellyn. “The video really highlights the realities of buying, owning and living with an electric vehicle and serves as a real myth buster. If you really want to understand more about EVs, these films are a great place to start.”

Research conducted by the Energy Saving Trust suggests that the range of an EV can be significantly increased if the driver uses more efficient driving techniques. The ‘Smarter Driving’ pilot programme highlighted that driving more effectively could save energy and increase an EV’s range by an average of 20%. During the training sessions, drivers are shown the energy consumed before and after training, so they can immediately see their improvement.

“Over the last few years there has been much debate about the viability of the electric car and the part they play in today’s carbon conscious society,” said Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust. “It’s obvious that there is a huge benefit in terms of electric vehicles in terms of cutting emissions on the road, but it is also clear that they can make economic sense for some organisations and individuals.”

SMMT has published the Electric Car Guide to help motorists make more informed decisions when purchasing an EV. Presented in an easy to understand Q&A-style format, the free publication addresses some of the common queries relating to electric vehicles including information about batteries, charging, vehicle performance, on-the-road costs, government incentives and safety.

Click through to download the SMMT Electric Car Guide.

You can watch the three videos produced by the Energy Saving Trust by clicking on the play buttons below.

Living with an Electric Car – part one

Living with an Electric Car – part two

Living with an Electric Car – part three

If you would like more information on common queries relating to electric vehicles, click through to download the SMMT Electric Car Guide.

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