Industry-led task force to drive Logistics Growth Review

29 November 2011 #SMMT News

Government today published its Logistics Growth Review that sets out plans to improve efficiencies, remove barriers, develop skills and encourage growth in the logistics sector. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is part of a task force that will spearhead the development of the sector, liaising with government, local authorities and industry to implement measures that support the use of low emission technologies.

The review focuses on:

  • Green growth – a Technology Strategy Board competition will provide funding to develop refuelling hubs and hundreds of low emission demonstrator vehicles.
  • Continuing the process of deregulation – tackling trailer heights, lengths, driver hours and making allowances for the extra weight of low emission technologies.
  • Developing skills – a central theme will be to establish a logistics guild.
  • Refining local deliveries – particularly noise reduction.
  • Lowering congestion – dealing with congestion hot-spots and ensuring fleets are well informed and capable of operating throughout winter.
  • Overcoming planning barriers.

“As part of government’s Logistics Growth Review, industry welcomes the availability of funding for a demonstrator programme and the establishment of a Strategic Task Force to drive forward the discussion on lower emission HGVs,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. “The Automotive Council has already made good progress in setting out a roadmap for the Commercial Vehicle and Off Highway sector, so industry is well placed to analyse the range of low emission technologies available for each duty cycle and looks forward to working with government to shape policies that will increase the uptake of these technologies by CV operators.”

Building on the Automotive Council roadmap for Commercial Vehicles and Off Highway Vehicles the task force will analyse and promote the use of fuel-efficient, low emission road freight technologies, capitalising on the range of low carbon options already on the market and working to promote the uptake of others.

As part of the task force, SMMT will contribute to discussions on the appropriateness of various technologies for differing duty cycles and will ensure due attention is given to long distance trucks that have the most to gain from enhanced efficiencies due to the mileages they cover.

The task force membership includes the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Freight Transport Association, Road Haulage Association, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport and Logistics Knowledge Transfer Network and will be supported by the Department for Transport.

Click through to see the full Department for Transport Logistics Growth Review document.

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