UK automotive cuts environmental impact while driving economic growth

22 November 2011 #SMMT News

UK automotive manufacturing bucked the economic trend last year, increasing its production volumes, turnover, level of investment and number of employees, all while continuing to make major strides in reducing the environmental footprint of its products and manufacturing processes.

Data from the industry’s 12th Annual Sustainability Report, looking at the economic, environmental and social performance of the sector showed significant improvements against a series of performance indicators.

Full year 2010 data from the Report’s 18 signatory companies, and across the broader industry, showed year on year:

  • Manufacturing turnover up 20% to £49bn.
  • Output up 27.8%, returning to pre-recession volumes.
  • Number of vehicles exported up 31%, totalling £29bn in value.
  • Energy use per vehicle produced down 8%.
  • Manufacturing CO2 emissions down 10.5% per vehicle produced.
  • Manufacturing waste to landfill produced per vehicle down 8%.
  • New automotive apprenticeships up 9% adding to the 737,000 jobs dependent on the sector.

Commenting on the report being released today (22 November), Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive said, “We are making significant steps towards creating a globally competitive UK automotive sector, while keeping an eye on improving our environmental credentials to ensure a strong, long-term future for the industry. Manufacturing is vital to a rebalanced economy and cleaner, greener processes will support the transition to a low carbon future.

“Automotive continues to attract major international investment, create high value jobs and cut its environmental impact but the UK must continue to compete on a global platform to secure future growth. We must incentivise private sector investment in R&D, training and equipment and ensure our commitment to be a leader in low carbon manufacturing supports our international competitiveness.”

New technologies and the ongoing developments in conventional engines are key to delivering a low carbon economy and the UK’s strengths in R&D, design, engineering and productive manufacturing continue to attract major international investment.

Click through to read or download SMMT’s 12th Annual Sustainability Report.

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