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Positive December completes buoyant year for van and truck market

06 January 2012 #HGVs #Registrations #SMMT News
  • Van and truck registrations up 17.8% in 2011 to 303,097 units, December up 13.7% to 23,026.
  • Truck registrations up 24.6% for the full year 42,944 and by 45.3% in the month to 4,611.
  • Van registrations up 16.7% to 260,153 in 2011 and rising 2.8% in December to 18,415.

UK van and truck registrations: 2011 and % change on 2010

December % change Year-to-date % change Rolling year % change
Vans 18,415 7.8% 260,153 16.7% 260,153 16.7%
Trucks 4,611 45.3% 42,944 24.6% 42,944 24.6%
Total 23,026 13.7% 303,097 17.8% 303,097 17.8%

“The van and truck market has enjoyed a consistent growth throughout 2011,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. “Renewed business confidence fuelled the month-on-month rises, while innovative developments in vehicle design and technologies provided solid business reasons for companies to upgrade their vehicles in 2011. There can be no room for complacency this year, government must deliver its growth strategy and help strengthen business and consumer confidence.”

Commercial vehicle registrations to December

  • Van registrations were up 7.8% in December, trends varied across the segments, but heavier vans saw firm growth on a year ago.  For 2011 260,153 vans to 3.5T gvw were registered, as portended in recent SMMT forecasts.
  • December was a remarkable month for truck registration volumes, up by 45%.  The very recent trend for growth in two-axle rigids above 6T strengthened markedly.  Growth rates ranged from 30 to 90% across the various weight segments for these trucks.  Until very recently these sectors had lagged what was an artic and multi-axle rigids led recovery.
  • For trucks >6t December’s growth cemented a very positive result in what was a disappointing year for the UK’s GDP growth.  Registrations for 2011 were 37,410 and 42,944 for all trucks over 3.5T gvw.  This better than expected trend in registration volumes faces significant challenges just to hold steady over 2012.  It may be that market specific factors could be more supportive than the meagre rate of growth envisaged from the economy this year.
  • December’s truck registrations clearly gave an unseasonal and major boost to the year end.

Click through to download the full SMMT new van and truck news release and data tables for December 2011 (full year).

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