SMMT responds to EU cabotage consultation

31 May 2012 #SMMT News

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has presented government with its response to a call for feedback on the issue of cabotage, focusing on capacity issues around the peak new car registration periods in March and September.

Based on its consultation of members and the Logistics Forum, the response explains the ‘significantly increased need’ for purpose-built car transporters to meet logistical and customer demands at peak times of year.

At present, to meet the requirement of transporting more vehicles for the two plate-change months, it is essential to utilise non-UK hauliers. SMMT’s response explains that because of this, new cabotage rules present a problem and are ‘not fit for purpose’ as they limit the number of journeys a foreign registered vehicle may undertake.

Knock-on effects of a shortage of transporter capacity could cause contractual issues for hauliers with requirements not being met, ultimately ending in reduced customer satisfaction due to late deliveries.

A relaxation of the cabotage rules as outlined in the consultation document is important for industry, consumers, the wider economy and to ensure that there is no unforeseen broader impact for UK hauliers.


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