European vehicle producers urge EU to act upon CARS 21 recommendations on strengthening the future of the auto industry in Europe

07 June 2012 #SMMT News

European automobile manufacturers welcomed the main recommendations of the final report by the CARS21 High-level Group but warned that these proposals now need to be executed urgently. The report, produced by a coalition of EU Commissioners, various ministers, automobile industry CEOs, suppliers, trade unions and civil society, lists ways and means of strengthening the future of the automobile industry in Europe.

“It is essential that the findings are implemented and real action taken as soon as possible”, said Sergio Marchionne, President of the industry’s trade association ACEA and CEO of FIAT S.p.A. The CARS21 report focuses on improving the competitiveness of the auto industry in a global perspective, by streamlining the EU regulatory framework and better coordinating relevant European policies.

The European automotive industry needs the EU regulatory framework to be supportive in order to sustain and strengthen the sector’s position in the fiercely competitive global market place. Regulation can too often add undue complexity limit flexibility.

The European manufacturers are world leaders in low-carbon technologies, road safety solutions and intelligent mobility concepts.  ‘Smarter’ policies and regulations can and should reinforce the industry’s competitiveness and benefit the European economy as a whole.

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