Industry representatives explore window of opportunity to grow and strengthen UK supply chain

12 June 2012 #SMMT News

This morning, representatives from the Automotive Council, Aisin Europe, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Nissan International and Toyota Europe explored the ‘window of opportunity’ to grow the UK’s automotive supply chain, drawing attention to the key drivers needed to support growth.

Setting the scene, as part of the Growing the Automotive Supply Chain stream, Dave Allen of JLR and member of the Automotive Council’s Supply Chain Group outlined the new growth and investment opportunities available to UK-based suppliers following the surge of investment announcements made by global vehicle manufacturers over the last 18 months.

Dave Cameron, Purchasing Vice President, Nissan International, emphasised the need to create a competitive business environment that will allow supply chain companies to access new growth opportunities, while Mark Adams, Purchasing Director of Toyota Europe, highlighted the importance of establishing new business relationships between UK-based OEMs and supply chain companies. He commented on the success of SMMT’s ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, which provide a platform to facilitate new business deals by matching manufacturer commodity demand with relevant suppliers operating in the UK.

Ian Harnett, Director of Purchasing, JLR, added that in order to remain competitive, greater inward investment is needed and should be leveraged throughout the UK supply chain, attracting new entrants into the market and repatriating business back into UK industry.

Representing the views of Tier 1 suppliers, Charlotte Barker, Head of Operations, and Stephen Roser, Sales and Purchasing Director, both of Aisin Europe, outlined the company’s long-term aspiration to continue growing in the UK, and stated that there are increasing financial barriers that hinder domestic supply chain growth.

Concluding the session, the speakers participated in a Q&A speaker panel, chaired by Dr Chris Owen, Chief Executive, SMMT Industry Forum.

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