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Toyota announces sustainable battery recycling agreement in Europe

18 July 2012 #Sustainability Case studies

Sustainability case study

Since 2000, some 370,000 Toyota and Lexus full hybrid vehicles have been sold in Europe – all of which are equipped with NiMH batteries to drive the electric motor. A cornerstone in Toyota’s environmental activities is the protection of natural resources, making sustainable recycling of high voltage batteries a key priority, with the aim of decreasing everything from energy consumption to emission of greenhouse gasses, and the reduction in disposing hazardous materials. Under the agreement, SNAM will ensure that the process for the treatment of NiMH batteries through the optimal recycling channels will ensure the maximum output on secondary raw materials.

The agreement between TME and SNAM also ensures recovered NiMH batteries can be taken back from any of Toyota’s European operations, including: Toyota’s European head office in Belgium, any of the nine manufacturing facilities in seven countries, 30 National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs), over 3,000 Toyota and Lexus dealerships, as well as any authorised end-of-life vehicle treatment operator.

Find out more on Toyota’s website.


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