Spare wheels – SMMT briefing

17 October 2012 #SMMT News

Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive

Today’s cars are all offered with a safety system that enables motorist to deal with punctures. The majority of cars are available with a spare tyre as standard or as an option within the range, but increasing tyre sizes and customer demand for better fuel efficiency, more boot space and lower vehicle prices have driven the market towards a range of other options including tyre repair kits, space saver tyres and run flat tyres.

A tyre repair kit is safe and easy to use and many motorists prefer the benefits offered by the kits, particularly over changing a wheel at a busy roadside. Most new car packages also include roadside assistance for those that need extra help or to manage more serious tyre failures.

It is important for new car buyers to understand the safety systems provided with their vehicle and take time to consider the best options for their circumstances.

If you are unable to view the embedded video below, click through to watch on YouTube.

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