Sustainability Case studies

MINI Plant Oxford Paint Shop

01 July 2013 #Sustainability Case studies

During the MINI production at Plant Oxford, the paint shop is maintained under positive pressure to ensure a clean building concept. This is achieved by controlling the air supply via processes and shop ventilation, and the air exhausted via ducted extract systems and fixed roof ventilation fans.

By installing new ductwork to re-route air, warm air which previously vented into the atmosphere is now fed back into the system to supply the main paint spray booths. This approach will contribute energy savings of circa 6,000 MWH and 1,250 tonnes CO2 per annum. Taken in combination with smaller efficiency measures adopted by MINI Plant Oxford’s paint shop, these projects have succeeded in delivering energy-efficiencies equating to circa 15,000 MWH and 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

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