Renewed and re-launched – Best Practice Principles for auto industry marketing

03 December 2013 #SMMT News

Continuing in an effort to provide new car buyers with clear information, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP), the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and ISBA (the voice of British advertisers) have launched the revised Best Practice Principles for environmental claims in marketing.

The principles, outlined today during a webinar attended by industry representatives, provide a reference point for automotive companies and their marketing teams when developing environmental messages used in advertising and other promotional materials including news releases, reports and websites.

The principles now provide more clarity on environmental and technology claims, offering examples of the best way to word consumer marketing materials to ensure clarity for customers. MPG figures should be clearly outlined when making efficiency claims so that there is no confusion when comparing vehicles.

Commenting on today’s launch, Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive said, “The UK motor industry recognises its responsibility in ensuring consumers have a clear understanding of new technologies and the environmental benefits they offer when buying a new car. This is becoming increasingly important as we deliver a greater range of low, ultra-low and zero carbon emission technologies within our vehicles.

“The enhanced Best Practice Principles sets out concise guidelines for companies promoting products while maintaining transparency and integrity across communication channels. By helping build a better understanding, we can inspire even greater confidence in low carbon vehicles and in our industry.”

Andy Eastlake, Managing Director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership said, “Low carbon is fast becoming an option that many consumers look at when they are purchasing a new car.

“Ensuring that we create transparent and easy to understand messaging in marketing materials will help to aid consumers in their decision. As we communicate through an increasing number of media channels it has become vitally important that these principles adapt to remain relevant, giving car buyers confidence in the environmental benefits.”

Ian Twinn, Director of Public Affairs for ISBA said, “Advice that sets out clear guidance for advertisers is welcome. The principles help consumers see the benefits of environmental advances and helps companies market vehicles in a sustainable and responsible way.

“The updated Best Practice Principles comes with our strong recommendation and ISBA values working with SMMT and the LowCVP.”

Follow the link to download the enhanced Best Practice Principles for environmental claims in automotive marketing to consumers.

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