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DVLA must try harder says FTA

28 February 2014 #Bus and Coach #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Policy #Truck #Van

News from the FTA: In its response to the review of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the Department for Transport has echoed the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA’s) concerns that the Agency needs to consider the requirements of business users when delivering its services.

The leading industry body is optimistic that the agency is moving in the right direction following the release of the Department’s response to the review. Undertaken as part of the Motor Service Strategy 2013, the review has focused on DVLA’s current operations, its services and its programme of change. It makes recommendations for a future business strategy which puts online services at its core.

FTA has played an active part in this process and is encouraged to see that its key themes are reflected in the report: development of a one stop shop concept which will allow multiple administrative transactions across all government agencies through a single portal; a change in the agency’s mindset away from ‘the individual’ to designing for business; and compatibility of government department/agency IT software.

The report highlights four key areas, from IT integration and internal development to outsourcing some activities. FTA sees this report as the foundation for changes which if implemented correctly, should recognise the needs of all of its customers with online systems that the modern business community should recognise.

Ian Gallagher, FTA’s Head of Policy said, “FTA is encouraged by this report as it clearly defines a future which brings the DVLA into the 21st century, which will enable both the customer and the Agency to communicate with each other effectively. We would urge the Agency to embrace these recommendations as they will reduce burden and cost to the Agency and its customers.”

The report highlights the need for the integration of data across Government agencies. FTA believes that integration of all vehicle data to a single point is imperative as it will allow for the design of systems which would ultimately provide a ‘one stop shop’ web portal for the end user.

Gallagher added. “The success of this review hangs on whether the Agency can deliver cutting-edge online services on a par with the retail sector, and whether these are likely to be business friendly. It is imperative that DVLA develops systems which cater for its entire customer base, from the single motorist to the fleet operator who administers thousands of vehicles.”

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