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FTA operators are a cut above in compliance

26 February 2014 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Trailer #Truck

Figures revealed by the Freight Transport Association have shown that members using its Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) are 86% less likely to have serious brake defects compared to VOSA checks.

Data compiled via FTA’s Gateway management information system and compared to VOSA’s Effectiveness Report 2012 to 2013 illustrates that freight operators using VIS operate to higher standards of compliance across their fleet.

David Wylie, Head of FTA’s Vehicle Inspection Service, said, “FTA’s research figures demonstrate how those FTA members that use our VIS are significantly more compliant in a number of key safety critical areas compared to those stopped by VOSA and issued with a prohibition. Whether it be to have their preventative maintenance inspection (PMI’s) carried out, or their maintenance contractor audited, the message is clear – those using FTA’s VIS can rest assured that they are far more compliant.”

Some of the statistics of roadside enforcement are an indictment of some of the operators who share our roads. This challenged FTA to compare the VOSA results against its own data which reflects the association’s members who use its inspection service.

The results show operators using VIS are 86% less likely to have service brake operation defects, 79% less likely to have problems with spray suppression, wings and wheel arches and 75% less likely to find issues with wheels and hubs.

Reductions in failure rates were even more marked on trailers with a 93% reduction in problems with wheels and hubs and 85% with spray suppression, wings and wheel arches.

FTA VIS users recorded improved performance across 19 of 20 categories examined and demonstrated the same 2.5% defect rate with vehicle suspension system.

As part of FTA’s ongoing commitment to compliance, an introductory VIS Health-check audit, designed for those members who do not currently use FTA for third party independent quality monitoring, is currently being offered. The introductory cost of the FTA VIS Maintenance Systems Health-check audit coupled to a roadworthiness inspection of 1 vehicle is £350 + VAT.


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