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Isuzu comes to the rescue in flooded Berkshire

13 February 2014 #CV Sector #News #Truck #Van

News from Isuzu: One of Isuzu UK’s own D-Max vehicles has been doing its bit for the flood victims of Berkshire this week.

Neil McIntee,  Editor of online commercial vehicle website VansA2Z, happened to have an Extended cab model on loan when the floods hit the Berkshire town of Wraysbury, home to a colleague.

McIntee immediately realised he had the perfect vehicle to help in the rescue effort and so after a quick call to Isuzu’s press office, he was off to help local emergency services, retrieving stranded residents from the their homes and shifting sandbags to where they were needed.

After a busy day, McIntee explained, “One of the VansA2Z team lives in Wraysbury and with a D-Max demonstrator sittings outside my house we were more than happy to help with delivering sandbags to residents in their hour of need. The D-Max never missed a beat, despite being overloaded most of the time and at one point was even called upon to rescue a stranded family”.

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