Tens of thousands provide insight for annual Motor Codes Report

19 February 2014 #SMMT News

Summarising the views of 57,000 people, the second annual Motor Codes Report paints a reassuring picture about consumer protection in the UK car market.

Covering both new cars and car servicing, the report shows that 95% of people who used a Trading Standards-approved, Motor Codes garage would recommend it to friends and family and that only one in 10 new car buyers needs to make a warranty claim of any sort.

The report is based on a combination of online reviews, manufacturer and dealer group surveys of car service customers and a targeted survey of more than 3,000 new car buyers.

On the publication of the report, the biggest of its kind, Motor Codes managing director, Chris Mason, had a resounding message for car owners:

“For satisfaction levels to remain so high across a customer-base of this size tells people that they can choose a garage with confidence, wherever they see the Motor Codes tick.”

Highlighting the change in customer experience since Motor Codes’ inception in 2008, the report shows improvements across the board.  Most striking is a 10% rise in satisfaction, from 84% to 94%, for those customers that use a main dealer to maintain their cars.  The Motor Codes Report lists the brands that scored highest among customers and, this year, Suzuki topped the pile.

“The league table is a bit of fun but it hides an important message,” says Chris.  “Within the table, every brand is rated at 90% or above.  There’s no denying the high level of satisfaction with customers who shop within the Motor Codes network.”

Aside from the top-line figures, the results of the Motor Codes research provide insight across a number of aspects of the car ownership cycle.

For example, the age of car being maintained by Motor Codes workshops has increased.18% of cars in 2013 were 11 years or older, compared to just 10% in 2010.

“You might think this a result of the recession but, when coupled with a fall in warranty claims for cars up to two years old, this points to ever-increasing levels of quality in new cars.  We think this is creating a far more satisfied owner, happy to keep their car for longer.”

Just one in 10 respondents reported making a warranty claim in 2013, against 15% in 2012.

The full Motor Codes Report can be seen at, where people can also search its network of 7,800 garages, read reviews, leave their own feedback and, by doing so, contribute to next year’s Motor Codes Report.

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