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Active in Europe with Krone

19 March 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Trailer

News from Krone: Active Transport, the Kent based aviation support specialist and groupage services provider, has added 10 Krone Profi Liners to its fleet which, says the company will provide the loading flexibility required to handle a greater variety of contracts throughout Europe.

Working mainly in the Benelux arena, the Euroliner-style trailers are specified with an easy-operation sliding roof and will carry mixed loads including coils, IBCs, cages and pallets. Also, Krone’s unique Multi Lock loading system, which comes as standard, is designed to afford maximum strapping flexibility and is ideal for coping with virtually any type of load.

With 126 strapping points along each side rave, each with a two tonne capacity, the Multi Lock provides almost limitless strapping permutations, thereby increasing the trailers’ versatility while ensuring safe and secure loading. Furthermore, for added safety and speed, the driver can secure and release the straps from inside the trailer while the curtains are closed.

According to Mark Yates from Active Transport, the Multi Lock adds significant value to the operation. “Flexibility is key to ensuring we can match the same trailers to a host of different tasks. With these trailers, we can put virtually anything on board and in any configuration, which gives us a ‘one- trailer- fits- all’ solution. This means that not only can we pitch for a wider range of work but also we don’t run the risk of trailers standing idle.

“With our Mercedes and Volvo units fully fuelled we can achieve a payload of 28 tonnes, which of course comes into its own when carrying high density loads.”

Established in 2000, Active Transport now runs 25 trailers and 14 tractor units and is expecting further growth next year.

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