New Car CO2 report 2014

13 March 2014 #Environment
  • SMMT’s 13th annual New Car CO2 Report shows ongoing reductions in new car emissions.
  • Average UK new car CO2 emissions stood at 128.3g/km in 2013, down 3.6% on 2012 and 29.1% on 2000.

Average new car emissions fell below 130g/km for the first time, achieving the pan-EU new car CO2 target for 2015. This important milestone was achieved through significant investment by industry in developing, delivering and marketing lower CO2 emitting cars. While petrol and diesel cars have made impressive reductions in fuel efficiency, alternatively-fuelled vehicles typically boast 30% lower  COemissions and the industry has seen the number of AFV models available on the UK market more than doubled since 2010.

A new car is now some 20% lower CO2 emitting than the average car in use and improvements in new car efficiency have contributed to a 15% reduction in total CO2 emissions from all cars in use. The industry has challenging targets ahead to deliver even lower emitting cars and welcomes on-going support from government and other stakeholders to help achieve these goals.

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