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Automatic hydro-matics from Wilcomatic

30 April 2014 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #CV Show #Truck

Wilcomatic is showing its range of commercial vehicle wash equipment at this year’s CV Show.

The range, on stand 4D40, is designed to tackle any shape of vehicle from the simple to the most complex. The range includes high quality cost effective automatic rollover and drive-through machines, jet wash and wash down units.

The washes are backed-up by a range of environmental support equipment, such as water recycling and rainwater harvesting systems. Even sites with no foul drainage can be tackled with the new innovative systems.

The range is led by the Christ Jet Stream rollover unit, specifically engineered to clean any awkward shape of vehicle effectively.

Many existing CV washing systems, aimed at awkward shaped vehicles, are drive-through, meaning the efficiency of the wash is partly dependent on the ability of the driver to use the equipment properly and his willingness to drive through slowly. The Jet Stream’s moving gantry removes the driver element as it moves along the vehicle at the optimum speed while the vehicle remains stationary.

Simplicity is key to the versatile, user-friendly and compact new wall-mounted jet wash system from Wilcomatic’s sister company, Working Water. All the components, apart from the lance and hose, are housed in a strong and durable wall-mounted weatherproof plastic cabinet.

The CV wash-down station from Wilcomatic’s other sister company, Wickham Gensol, is a complete system comprising a high flow wash-down gun and high-pressure washer, each with hose reels and an easy-to-use operator control panel.

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