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Flexible approach to truck dimensions is better for fuel efficiency, says ACEA

16 April 2014 #CV Sector #News #Policy #Top Stories #Truck

The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) believes that European Parliament has missed an opportunity with its latest directive on improving the weight and dimensions of HGVs.

It believes that the inflexible approach taken by parliament recommending curved cabs, bigger windows for greater visibility and an aerodynamic and crash safety redesign, has not taken into account the amount of time required to carry out research and development required.

ACEA says this was the ideal opportunity for European Parliament to provide manufacturers with the means to reduce emissions efficiently from HGVs.

It believes that the extension of HGV length and vehicle combinations, is gives enough scope for  industry to incorporate these fuel-efficient innovations into its designs.

Erik Jonnaert, ACEA Secretary General, said the new directive neglected active safety technologies, which are considered to be the future of commercial vehicle safety.

“ACEA has sought to bring solutions and positive suggestions to the debate on weights and dimensions. Industry believes that it ought to have the flexibility to make use of revised rules to deliver cleaner and more efficient trucks in the most cost-effective manner,” he added.

The new directive also called for more investment and harmonisation of the alternative fuel structure across Europe.

Despite this being something the automotive industry has been advocating in order to meet targets, Jonnaert believes the European Parliament’s intervention may be detrimental to the sector.

“The package voted on today unfortunately removed binding targets for alternative infrastructure development. The automotive industry encourages policy makers to commit to action on infrastructure,” he added.

“Only consistency in infrastructure investment will ensure wider transport policy goals can be met. The industry is dedicated to delivering sustainable mobility in Europe, and need policy makers to support this aim.”

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