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Masternaut helps boost customer satisfaction for Somerset Gas

07 April 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #Policy #Sales

News from Masternaut: Specialist heating service provider, Somerset Gas, is using Masternaut’s mobile workflow application across its workforce in order to cut fuel costs, improve on-the-job communication and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Since installation, its workflow solution is used by the Somerset Gas team on a daily basis – from dynamic, real-time scheduling through to retrospective reporting and accounts. The decision was made to bring on a telematics provider to improve team optimisation, by cutting down on the amount of time engineers were spending waiting for job schedules throughout the day.

As a result of Masternaut’s system, managers can now monitor engineers in real time as they travel between jobs, while engineers can communicate remotely with the head office in order to cut down on unnecessary driving time and reach customers more promptly. As a result, Somerset Gas has registered an improvement in customer satisfaction levels, with the quarterly customer survey reporting an increase from 95% to 97%.

The solution has also facilitated financial benefits, with the increase in daily appointments leading to increased revenue, alongside making significant fuel savings as a result of improved workforce efficiency.

“We are very happy with Masternaut and the solution it is providing Somerset Gas. When looking to bring on a telematics provider, Masternaut’s name came up time and time again through recommendations, and we were confident it is the most reliable and efficient provider,” said Joe Lewis, Business Manager for Somerset Gas.

“Outside of the recognisable benefits we’ve seen from the Workflow solution, another huge benefit is the Masternaut support team. We really couldn’t have done it without the expert consultants who are always on hand to ensure we get the very best out of the system.”

“Looking to the future, our clients are demanding a faster and more responsive service. The Workflow solution is a huge incentive for any of our potential clients to place their business with us.”

Martin Hiscox, CEO and Chairman of Masternaut, added, “By working together, we’ve helped Somerset Gas facilitate an increase in customer satisfaction levels and new business acquisition.”

“Our dedicated support team of experts is always on hand and we’re delighted to be working closely with Joe and the rest of his team to ensure they have all the support they need to maximise the benefits they’re seeing from the solution.”

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