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New CCTV telematics give fleets clearer VUE

29 April 2014 #CV Sector #CV Show #News

VUEmatics has launched a new CCTV and telematics system in line with the demands of fleet operators and insurers.

The new system, housed in one box, can record and store video footage as well as capture driving data from a fleet of commercial vehicles – this can include location data, acceleration, braking and speed.

The new solution was devised on recommendations from small and medium enterprise fleet managers and their insurers to find a way of reporting and analysing that can aid the insurance pricing process.

Glen Mullins, Managing Director, VUE, said, “We’ve been speaking with lots of SME fleet owners who want more than just a one camera dashboard recording device, but found the current telematics solutions are aimed at bigger fleets and too expensive for smaller businesses to consider.”

VUEmatics has been developed with small and medium fleets in mind, with its system designed to cater for between 10 and 150 vehicles, at a cost of just £295.

It sees itself vital to helping smaller fleets improve their practices and efficiency by providing fleet operators with data to control fuel costs and increase safety and security.

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